Dental Update

Sorry for a dull topic here, one that I’ve kind of beaten to death already, but it was pretty much the only thing that happened today, so too bad! 🙂

Anyway, the root canal is done (except for the permanent filling, but that’s nothing) and it was relatively painless, luckily. And much quicker than I thought. It only took about an hour. I did have to stop the dentist once because I felt a twinge of pain, but otherwise the worst part was actually getting the novocaine. Mostly, it was injected the same way I’d had it injected before, but this dentist also injected some very close around the tooth. It did a good job of numbing, but it required him to push a very pointy needle very hard into my tooth area. I’m not entirely sure exactly where it was going in (I think he said something about bone, but I’m sure I must be wrong). It wasn’t painful, but he warned me it sometimes makes your heart rush, which it did with me (it probably doesn’t help that I was completely rigid in the seat, probably blocking blood from all sorts of places). It just made me feel very shaky and panicky, so I had to take a 5 minute breather. The dental assistant, who was very sweet, seemed very concerned about me passing out, so she turned on the fan and got me a Sprite. I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t have passed out or anything, I really just needed a few minutes to breathe and calm down. I especially didn’t want the root canal contraption put immediately back on my face (it’s like a sheet of thin rubber they cover your mouth with and hook into the tooth to prevent bacteria from getting into the rest of your mouth – you have to breathe out of your nose and try not to drown on your drool). After I calmed down, everything went smoothly. The novocaine has also mostly worn off, so I’m no longer a slurring drool bucket!

I’m supposed to eat mushy food for the next few days, so I’m off to see what I’ve got that fits the bill.


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