Skirts and dresses

I’ve never been much of a skirt girl. I don’t really know why. When I look through magazines and online, I think lots of them are cute, but I just never wear them. I guess I just see them as dressy, like what you wear to church or something, therefore they must be uncomfortable. However, on our vacation, my sister had a variety of really cute dresses and skirts that really made me want to go get some of my own! I think I’m in kind of a rut, wanting to be more stylish, but sticking with my jeans and tees. Thing is, skirts and dresses need to convey cute, comfy, and summery rather than dressy and I have no idea where to get something like that. Plus there’s the issue of having a large bust (and being all around fairly full figured), which eliminates several of the popular styles, like skinny straps and tiny triangley-topped dresses.

So far, I’ve tried on dresses and skirts from New York and Company and Old Navy. I like these stores because they generally have inexpensive, but cute and stylish stuff. I do like Lane Bryant for jeans, shorts, and capris, but their smallest size tops tend to be a bit baggy and long on me, so I figure dresses may be in the same boat. I also like some stuff from Macy’s, but I haven’t really been there in a while, and I generally like to wait for their sales. Here’s some of what I tried on today:

Jersey City Style Dress

Jersey City Style Dress

This is one I tried at NY & Co. that didn’t work out so well. My boobs did manage to fit into the alloted space, but the rest of it billowed out so much it looked like a tent, and seemed to emphasize my butt.

The other dress I tried on at NY & Co wasn’t on the website, so I can’t show a picture. It was mostly similar; it just didn’t have the empire waist. Meaning it looked even more like a tent on me. <sigh> I tried adding a belt, but that look just doesn’t seem to work with me. It’s almost like a reverse-muffin-top. What do you do with the extra fabric that bunches up around the belt? Maybe I’ve just got the belt too tight?

Womens Color-Block Tank Dresses

Women's Color-Block Tank Dresses

Now, I know this one from Old Navy goes against what I just said about no skinny straps, but I thought I may be able to stick a tank underneath and get away with it. I could not. The bust was also very tight.

Womens Knit Circle Mini Skirts

Women's Knit Circle Mini Skirts

This skirt from Old Navy isn’t exactly the one I tried on, but it looks close enough. It wasn’t a mini as the title states – it came to my knees. This actually looked pretty cute. And I may actually get it, but I wasn’t sure if it looked too sloppy. How do I ensure a skirt looks casual, but not loafing-around-the-house casual?

 Womens Pleated Skirts

Women's Pleated Skirts

This skirt from Old Navy was super cute on the hanger. My legs looked pretty good in it, too, as it seems to hit at a good thin spot on my legs. Unfortunately, the material is pretty full, which made me feel huge in the hip area and the rear-view was not good.

The Colorblock Dress

The Colorblock Dress

I really like this dress from Chadwick’s. But I’ve never heard of Chadwick’s. Do they have stores? I really don’t like to order stuff online because I don’t get to try it on first. But, I do really like the colorblock thing and one of the reviews said it was flattering on a plus sized girl! AND it’s on sale! Maybe I’ll try it. Blue or black? I like that the black one has purple. Maybe I’ll try that.

I just don’t know what to look for, really. I don’t know what would flatter my body type. I want it to skim the bulgy bits, not make my boobs look gimungous, and if possible, show that I have a waist.  Unfortunately, I don’t really have anyone to go shopping with. My husband will go with me around my birthday (January), but he’s not much help judging and I just feel bad for him the whole time, knowing he’s bored. I need Stacy and Clinton!


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Nicki
    Jul 21, 2008 @ 19:57:34

    Well if I lived closer I would love to go shopping with you :(…I did like the first and the last dress that you posted up. Did you ever end up getting anything?


  2. sleepymel
    Jul 21, 2008 @ 20:25:02

    Hehe, nice to see you here! I did actually get a few. I got the black skirt from Old Navy, which I pair with a black shirt to make a fluid look and add some colorful jewelry. I also got the last dress, but it hasn’t arrived yet and I got the poufier skirt from Old Navy (though I got it in like a blueish-gray), but I’m not sure I like it, so I think I may be returning it.


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