Whew, and we’re back. The hubby and I are both exhausted after our vacation (aren’t they supposed to rest you??), but we had loads of fun. I was a bit nervous early on that it would be hard to keep everyone happy – everyone likes different rides, hates different rides, has different tastes in food, etc. Luckily, the hubby and I put a lot of time into planning. As I mentioned before, I reserved all our dinners (and one lunch) way ahead of time and then mapped out a tentative schedule of park trips. Also, while we were there, pretty much everyone looked to the two of us to decide where to go next, hence the worry that we’d end up making someone unhappy by leaving out their favorite ride or something. But really, I know everyone had a blast and I can’t wait to go back!


-Getting my mother-in-law on It’s a Small World. She hates the ride. <evil laugh>

-The fourth of July fireworks were, seriously, the most amazing I’ve ever seen. The finale was ginormous – it may as well have been daytime with all the light it produced. It took my breath away. Here are two videos I found on YouTube that show it pretty well.

-All of our ride photos. These are always really funny to me. The hubby always makes a really silly face, somewhere in between bored and not-all-there. This time around, we added hand goggles (you know, when you make circles with your fingers and put it up to your eyes). I laughed so hard I cried.

No goggles here, but the hubby is front and center
No goggles here, but the hubby is front and center (sorry for the bad picture quality)

-Dream Fast-passes. This year at Disney World was the Year of a Million Dreams, so they have a few give-aways, such as a night’s stay in the Castle, a shopping spree, free mouse ears, and the Dream Fast-passes. Not many are given out each day, but we were lucky enough to get some. It’s basically a pass that lets you cut a large portion of the line on the 8 most popular rides in the park you where get the pass. 5 minutes wait instead of 100 is really helpful! We felt special all day with those around our necks!

Mission: Space. Ok, this was not a good highlight. I went the less intense route (without the 2.4 G’s of centrifuge-induced gravity feeling). I thoroughly enjoyed most of it, and then the ride broke. With us stuck inside. For those of you who may not know this ride, it fits 4 people, quite snugly. You sit in it, pull down a shoulder harness, the small doors close, and then the wall with the screens and control buttons comes about a foot or 2 away from your body. After the malfunction, we entertained ourselves for about a minute pushing all the buttons we could find before panic set in. The hubby was perfectly fine, but my sister and I were not happy campers. We practically ran from the ride when the doors finally opened 10 minutes later.

Anyway, here’s some pictures from the trip.

The view from our room

The view from our room

The hubby and me in front of the castle

The hubby and me in front of the castle

The crew at MGM (or Disney\'s Hollywood Studios as it is now called)

The crew at MGM

Free Mickey ears!

Free Mickey ears!

My sister and I in big hats at Mexico in EPCOT

My sister and I in big hats at Mexico in EPCOT

So, we had a great time! The hubby and I are hoping to possibly go back in February, since we’ve never been there during a cooler, less busy month. We’d probably stay in a cheaper hotel though, since this vacation was only possibly thanks to our very generous parents (thanks, guys!). Anyone know of a decent hotel in that area that makes it easy to get to the parks?


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  1. Debbie
    Jul 23, 2008 @ 15:25:48

    OMG already? You guys are too much. LOL.


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