Raiding Woes

I don’t plan on making this a World of Warcraft blog or really even talking about it that much, but last night got me kind of worked up, so I need to talk about it.

I had a bad night raiding last night on WoW. Now, I’m not a raider, so I guess it’s not the end of the world, but last night kind of solidified my stance on not really wanting to be a raider. My hubby got invited to a raid with a pretty good guild last night that we’ve been wanting to try raiding with since we’ve heard they’re really efficient. I didn’t really have any plans of doing anything serious that night, probably just logging on and doing some of the Fire Festival fun stuff. They mentioned they needed a hunter, the hubby mentioned I had one, and I got an invite, too. I was feeling a mix of nerves (I haven’t played much lately, so I’m kind of rusty) and excitement (we don’t get to run Gruul’s or Mags much at all), but I made sure I was all set on consumables and bullets, and off I went.

Mags went fairly well. After our first wipe, I noticed that all the silly PVPing I had done the previous day (another think I do very infrequently) had left my gear quite damaged and my gun was at 0 durability. Now it is a big no-no to show up at a raid unprepared in any way, hence the checking my bullets and consumables, but I never have gear issues, so I didn’t even think to check that before coming. I had to broadcast my issue to the whole raid so that I could go repair. Luckily, someone in the group had a field repair bot, so I got to repair right there, with little inconvenience to the raid, but I know I still caused at least a bit of exasperation in the raid leader, because I mean, really, who shows up to a raid with nearly broken gear? But I think I more than made up for that by coming out on the top of the damage meter by the end of the Mags run. Slight detour here – ever since discovering damage meters, I have become obsessed with them. I am convinced I belong in the top 3 of a 25-man, and if I’m on top, well, hot-damn, I’m proud of myself. Falling below top 3 makes me feel useless. I’m sure I’m not useless, but I can’t help feeling it. No one notices someone in the middle. Anyway…

So, on to Gruul’s. Now, I’ve never completed Gruul’s. I’ve been there once, and the group I went with wasn’t really ideal and we wiped over and over at the first boss until we decided to call it quits. First boss requires me and another hunter to co-tank one of the mobs. This apparently is quite common, but I’m not used to tanking. I’m fairly squishy. The first attempt was going pretty well until something happened (I didn’t notice what) and the group called for everyone to run out and reset the boss. Second attempt, I died fairly early on and watched sadly as my number 1 spot on the damage meter became number 5 while I laid there dead. Now, I have a few people who tell me it wasn’t my fault I died; even the raid leader said the healing on the hunters was a little lacking (all 3 of us died I believe). But still, I don’t like dying and not being useful. On our way to Gruul, I get back up to number 3 on the damage meters, but then I die really quickly again on Gruul. We had our first cave-in, I got frozen in the middle of falling rock trying to get away from other people, my computer lagged out, and when it finally caught up, I was dead. One of 2 people dead in the first 30 seconds or so. It was really embarrassing. Again, I watched the group take down the boss, not getting to experience it myself, and I watched my position drop to 6th, where I ended up at the end of the 2 runs.

As I said before, no one notices 6th. They only remember the idiot who didn’t repair before coming to a raid and died during both boss fights in Gruul’s. This could have been a great first impression and given me a lead-in for raiding content. I’m fairly confident that, had I not died, I would have been in the top 2 damage-doers. However, I now feel that I probably won’t be raiding again anytime soon. And I don’t really want to. I’m kind of bummed.

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