Well, again, not a whole lot going on. I do have a post in mind about my irrational fear of spiders, but seeing as how it’s nearly bedtime, I don’t think I should be thinking about spiders.

I’ve been reading lots of young adult fantasy novels (Harry Potter type books) lately, so I think I may start up a little book review feature on here. I loved the Harry Potter series. Like, huge nerd love – I got books 4-6 the day they were released (I was a bit late getting into the whole thing), I went to the book release party at my local Barnes and Noble for the last book (and proceeded to wear earplugs for the rest of the weekend to avoid spoilers because I had to travel), I must see the movies the first weekend they’re out and buy them the day they are released on DVD, and I’ve even read fanfiction (and liked it…though I do try to stay out of the naughty fan fiction, some of those are just disturbing). So now that the last book is done <pouty face>, I’ve been trying to find another series to get into or just some individual books that are good.

Tanning update: I’ve tanned maybe twice since this post and got a little pink each time, but the little wedge of paleness in the fleshy bit between my thumb and forefinger is getting more noticeable (this is one of my indicators of getting a tan) as is the ring tan line on each ring finger, since I’ve kept the bling on while tanning. I’ve also bought a new gradual tanner that has gotten good reviews from Beauty Addict. I’ll probably use that a few days next week just before I leave. Though maybe I should test it once this week just to make sure it doesn’t make me look like an oompa loompa.

(I think I need to work on transitioning. I’m clearly a pretty crappy writer…just bouncing from topic to unrelated topic and all. Well, at least the years of scientific writing hasn’t rubbed off here. )


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