I’ve been trying to get a small tan before I go to Disney World, but so far, the tanning is minimal. I did turn a lovely shiny shade of red after 2 hours at the beach on our trip to Myrtle Beach for our 1 year anniversary a few weeks ago. However, that has since peeled and faded into a weird pattern on my back that my hubby calls the X-Men symbol. Also, it was only my back that burned. Silly me forgot to roll over and at least burn both sides so that each side could fade into minimal tan. Hopefully I’ll get a bit tanner before I go.

Yes, I know it’s terrible to get a real tan and that I should be using tan-in-a-can, but I really can’t stand the smell and it always comes out orange. The last one I used, Dove Energy Glow did actually produce a realistic color, even after one use, but again, the smell was awful. That was kind of surprising given that it is a gradual tanner, which I would think would have less smell because it has less DHA (the stuff that reacts with your skin to turn it tanner). I guess if I’m still fluorescent a few days before leaving for Disney, I’ll use it again for a few days. And proceed to smell gross. I’ll keep you updated.


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