Blog overload and vacations

Ack. I think I’ve gotten in over my head with the whole Google Reader thing! I’ve got 50ish blogs on there that I’m currently reading, which is ridiculous. I do really enjoy reading them, though. Most of them only post once a day, so those are easy enough to keep up with, but things like Perez Hilton and Jezebel have like 50 posts a day! That can add up and sometimes I get to the point where I <gasp> “Mark all as read”. In two weeks, my hubby and I are going on a big family vacation with both sets of parents and siblings to Disney World (yippee!!) for a week. I don’t want to think about how many there’ll be when I return.

Speaking of Disney, though, I’m super excited. I really love going to Disney World. Honestly, I’d take Disney World over the Caribbean any day. My hubby and I even went there for our honeymoon:

Aren\'t we so cute with our matching shirts and wedding Mickey ears?

Anyway, my combination of excitedness and dorkiness has led to my typical vacation planning. This involves making lists of what I’m packing (down to the jewelry for each outfit and all the toiletries I could ever conceive of using) and tables (yes, the Excel kind, I told you I’m a dork) of potential activities and dining options (which have been reserved for 120 days, the maximum time out you can call to make dining reservations). And the cat’s kennel stay has been booked since September of last year.

I should, perhaps, also point out that the cat’s kennel is not just any kennel, but practically a hotel in itself – a small private room for each kitty (very small, it’s not too ridiculous), each with its own theme (Buffy will be staying in the Cat-in-the-Hat room, though she prefers the Oceanview room, which was sadly booked already). It’s probably over the top, but the owner and employees are very nice and it just makes me feel calmer to know she’s there. And as this post pointed out, the one word to describe me best is “worrier” so anything to make me feel calmer is good.

Well, this was a kind of random post. Odd how I got from blog overload to talking about posh kitty hotels.


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