Testing, testing

Well, this is my first post. This blog is starting out pretty much as a personal journal type thing, at least until I can figure out if I can a) stick with it long enough, b) actually have something to say, and c) decide whether or not I want to have other people read what boring stuff I have to say.

I’ve been reading other blogs for a few months now and feel inspired to try one of my own. I think at first I may need meme prompts to get stuff posted, as there’s not really a whole lot going on in my life right now. That’s not a complaint, of course, but it’s not like I’m planning a wedding anymore and I’m not terribly close to getting pregnant or having babies, so there are no “big life journeys” to document. And I’d rather not turn this into a dump for my silly worries. Anyway, here goes nothing.


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